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Creditors Driving You Crazy?

If you are afraid to answer your phone, collect your mail or answer your front door because of Creditors, Bankruptcy may be one way to end Creditor=s collection efforts. In many instances, by simply retaining our office to file a bankruptcy, by signing a contract and paying a portion of your fees, many of your creditors calls and other collection efforts will cease, even before your bankruptcy case is actually filed. Once your bankruptcy petition is filed, creditors are required by law to cease collection activities for at least the time you are in bankruptcy and in instances where the debt is discharged, after your case has ended as well.

Even if you are not eligible for bankruptcy relief, we may be able to provide other assistance to end or substantially reduce creditor calls and harassment. There are state and federal laws that regulate what your creditors may do to collect a debt.

In making a decision as to what to do about your debt, it is important that you understand what your creditors are and are not allowed to do in order to collect their debt. Many creditors will threaten things that they may not be entitled to do or harass you in order to get you to pay their debt instead of another bill or debt which should be paid first. Creditors who know that you have reached a point where you are unable to pay all of your creditors will sometimes mislead or harass you in order to force you to pay monies that you need for other purposes or to get more than their share of what money you do have available.

It is important that you protect yourself by being well informed as to what Creditors are allowed and not allowed to do in order to collect money that you owe. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss the appropriateness of bankruptcy relief and other options to stop creditor harassment.

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