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Bankruptcy Free Initial Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your debt situation and possible solutions. Most individuals have enough general knowledge about their financial situation to participate in an initial consultation. However, we provide below, in pdf formant, a list of information which it may be helpful to bring to your initial consultation. We also provide in pdf format disclosures we are required to provide to most individuals, our intake sheet, our standard fee agreement, a list of documents required to file your case and our questionnaire. You may save time in our office by reviewing and signing the disclosures, completing our intake sheet and bringing the signed disclosures and completed intake sheet to our office for your consultation.


Family Law Free Initial Consultation

We offer a free one half hour initial consultation regarding your family law matter. The family law matters we can assist you with include dissolution of marriage, paternity, establishment and modification of custody and child support, step parent adoptions and Department of Revenue child support cases. Please call our office to schedule a free initial consultation. Most clients have enough general knowledge about their family law situation to participate in a family law consultation. However, you will be able to obtain better informartion about some subjects if you bring the specific information listed below that applies to your particular situation.

1. A copy of recent paystubs for both parents and/or spouses.

2. A copy of any papers you have been served, received from the Court, an attorney or the other party related to the matter you are coming to discuss. Please also bring any court orders or judgements.

3. A list of assests and debts.

4. A list of any specific questions you have about your matter.

If custody is an issue in your case, you may wish to print out the following PDF document which is a list of the factors the Court will use to determine custody if the parties are unable to agree. This form can be used as a worksheet to help the attorneys prepare your petition and to prepare for hearings in your case.

Primary Residence Statutory Factors.pdf

In most cases, the Court will require that certain documents be provided to the other party. The following list should assist you in gathering the necessary documents.

Mandatory Disclosure Questionnaire.pdf

Financial Affidavit Form.pdf

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